Welcome to the wonderful city of Barcelona, the cultural capital of the Mediterranean, where the International Ciutat Dance Contest of Barcelona is organised one more year, this time celebrating its tenth anniversary, in May 2020.

The contest is open to dance students of all nationalities, places or economic resources in the disciplines of classical dance, contemporary dance, and groups.

I want to thank all the judges, teachers, companies, students and volunteers who support us year after year and make this project possible. Especially my dear Héctor Zaraspe and Julio Bocca, who supported me from the beginning and without whom this project would not be a reality today.

In this event we want young people from all around the world to be reunited with the same passion: dance. We want an international meeting of dancers, teachers and choreographers who share ideas, projects and dreams.

This event was created with the mission of providing professional young dancers educational opportunities and acting as a platform to launch the career of young dancers, helping the connection between students, teachers, schools, companies, dancers and the general public.
See you next May in Barcelona!

Georgina Rigola