TEATRE Mercat de les Flors May 2020

Calle de Lleida 59, 08004 BARCELONA

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The X International Competition Ciutat Dansa in Barcelona will take place in Barcelona on May 2020.
dance students of any nationality may participate, aged between 10 and 22 years old during the year of the contest between 1 January and 31 December 2020


Participants will be grouped by specialty and categories.

  • Classical Dance
  • Dance Contemporary
  • Groups


  • Group A10-13
  • Group B years: 13-15 years
  • Group C:16-18
  • Group D years:19-22 years



  • Classic A.
  • Classic B.
  • ClassicC.
  • Classic D


participants must dance 2 variations:

  • The obligatory variations to chose are published in repertoires list.
  • Free variation with tips (not Repertoire). The maximum duration of the piece should be 2 minutes.

For each of the parts must specify the name of Ballet, variation, choreographer and composer.

Pas de deux

Age categories: BCD


Participants should dance a variation of the proposed repertoire.
They will dance the pas de deux, variation boy, girl and the variation of the final coda.


Age categories: BCD


Participants must dance 2 variations:

  • Obligatory variations to choose from the repertoire published in video’s list.
  • Free variation: The maximum duration of the variation has to be 2 minutes.

For each of the parts must specify the name of Ballet, variation, choreographer and composer.


Age categories: AB-CD
Groups (single category).


The total duration of the choreography can not exceed 3 minutes. They should specify the name of the piece, variation, choreographer and composer.


All participants who on May 2020, start date of the event, has not attained 18 years of age, they should complement the inscription with the authorization signed by the legal tutor.
The authorization can be found in the registration section and shall be given to the organization through the indicated ways .
The organization reserves the right to exclude participants who have not delivered the authorization within the established term.


The organization can take pictures and filming during the competition and other events held under the Contest. These photographs and recordings can be used for commercial or promotional purposes, including advertising for benefit of third parties, whatever the product promoted. By accepting their participation in the Contest, contestants give these rights to the organization permanently and irrevocably, in unlimited time and place.


Participants must send to the organization the variations musics or choreographies that dancers are going to dance, whether free or obligatory.
Each music should be presented in a separate file, MP4, indicating the file name: the participant name, title of the song and change the corresponding (compulsory or free).
The music will be sent to
In any case the message must contain the name and category of participant.
If any of the music for free variations exceeds the maximum established in the conditions, it will be cut to the maximum specified.
In case required, each participant shall be responsible for paying the relevant copyright.


Participants must send to the organization a video of the participant / participants where it can be observed how dancers dance the free choreography or one of the variations represented in the contest.
The video will serve to determine the passage of the dancers to the semifinals.
The videos has to be presented in an acceptable way to appreciate the quality of the participants, and the film must be front.
To get the video to the organization have several means:
Send the video via, indicating the name and category of the participant, or email with redirected to YouTube with the video link in question.
Send to
In the mail the name and category of the participant will be indicated.
The choreographies that are presented to the Contest must be the same as in the video presented at registration, as well as components, under penalty of disqualification.
Each participant is responsible of the payment of copyright if it is necessary.



Among all registered participants in the contest, the organization decides what those access to the semifinals that will be celebrated the 2018 in Barcelona.
Starting on march 2020 the participants may or may not be invited to the semifinals.
All participants who have NOT moved onto the semifinals will be invited as public of the contest. They can access the semifinals. To have these entries must confirm their attendance to the organization. Later they will be informed of how to collect the invitations
Participants in the semifinals will NOT have tickets for any of the sessions. To access as other public sessions of other categories or final should do as general public.
Teachers and chaperones will not have free tickets for any of the sessions.


Participants who have passed to the semifinals have to go on the indicated day at the indicated time to achieve their accreditation.
All contestants will have to be accredited as prerequisite for access to the dressing rooms and scenarios.
Accompanying teachers will have to register (no cost) and can only access to the room the day of the rehearsal, only if have completed enrollment and are accredited. Teachers can not access backstage.
Accreditation always need to be visible in a visible place, except when acting. And they will have to show accreditation to anyone in the organization who requests.


Participants will be advised of the lectures to be carried out for each of the categories.
Class attendance is obligatory. The unexcused absence to one of the classes can be grounds for expulsion from the competition.
For participation in classes, students should dress appropriately. Maillot girls with black and tights, and boys with shirt or leotard and black tights.


All participants are required to attend the rehearsal.
The date and time assigned to each group, they will be properly communicated to the participants.
Participants in the rehearsal can rehearse just one of the variations presented to the competition. Each participant can choose which of the two variations to rehearse. The organization will inform how to indicate which of the two variations will be made in the rehearsal.


The order of participation and distribution of different groups during the days of competition will be determined by the technical direction, reserving the right to make changes.
Within each variant, the starting order of performance will be in alphabetical order.
Upon completion, participants who pass the end of the last day will be announced.


Participants must be submitted at the headquarters of the contest at the time indicated on schedule to be published for the different categories.
It is the responsibility of each dancer to be prepared to begin their performance.
In any case, access to teachers or companions in the backstage area or dressing is allowed.
After each morning and afternoon session, once the jury has deliberated, it will be made public in the same theater, the list of dancers who reach the final.


Dancers accessing the end of each class must dance one of the two variations submitted for contest, choosing themselves which of the two variations represent.

Contestants must communicate at the time of registration to the organization the variations that they will do if they access to the final.

Should they be selected by the public to perform at the gala with stars they must communicate that a change will take place at the time of enrollment.


The final score is the average of the individual assessment of each judge with respect to:

  • The physical form
  • Musicality
  • Technique, control and coordination

The awards ceremony will take place in the theater itself accompanied by the city authorities, consuls of the participating countries and other personalities. Please dress properly.
Award winners have a period of ten days to accept or decline the scholarship that has been granted. If it’s rejected, the organization reserves the right to offer it to the next qualified.

Photographs and footage

Photograph or film of any kind is prohibited.
Photographs and recordings made during the competition can only be made by the organizers and will be owned exclusively, in terms of reproduction and distribution. These recordings can be used for commercial or promotional purposes, including advertising for benefit of third parties, whatever the product promoted. Contestants give these rights to organize a permanent and irrevocable, unlimited time and place. Photographing or filming by anyone outside of the organization is to be avoided, as it can be distracting to the dancers on stage.


Travel expenses to Barcelona and a stay in the city will be borne by the contestants.
The organization can inform stakeholders of different hotels with special rates for competitors and companions.


The organizers are not responsible for any injuries that may occur during the competition, they will be made. Participants are required to attend properly secured.

However, the organization will make available physiotherapist personal .
Participants responsible for their belongings are. The organization is not liable for any loss or theft of personal belongings.